The Carnival of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria relives its big day, Carnival’s Tuesday, on February 9th with a big daytime party around Parque Santa Catalina. The celebration will be enjoyed with live concerts by La Trova, Los Lola and Orquesta Golosina. From 12 noon to 5pm, when the Children’s Parade begins, people in their costumes will be able to dance and enjoy the carnival in daylight. A parade will walk along Ripoche Street and Parque Santa Catalina with batucadas and costume figures who will cheer everybody up to gather around the main stage.

La Trova will begin the celebrations at 1pm on the main stage, playing Olvida las penas (Forget your worries), a well known song by carnival-fans since it was composed four years ago. At 1.30pm, on the Boulevard stage next to the main façade of the Elder Museum, Los Lola will play covers of very famous songs that will lead the audience to dance and enjoy. Around 2pm, the announcing float of the carnival will become the third stage to cheer up Luis Morote Street with the session by Dj Tony Bob. The latin rythms by Orquesta Golosina will lead the public to dance with their live show at the Boulevard stage from 3.30pm.

Yesterday’s Carnival in Vegueta

Three days before that, on Saturday the 6th of February, another daytime party will be enjoyed on the streets and plazas around the foundational site of the city. Yesterday’s Carnival will celebrate the Roaring Twenties in Vegueta from 12 noon to 8pm. The streets Obispo Codina, Calvo Sotelo, Pelota and Mendizábal, as well as Mesa de León square will see everyone in their customes to celebrate the fifth edition of this event, promoted by the Town Hall of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria with the support of AVOR (Leisure and Gastronomy Association of Vegueta).

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