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Las Palmas de Gran Canaria offers you a wide range of options to visit it. Dare to stroll around and get to know this city by the sea, cosmopolitan and with a history of more than 500 years.

En guagua

By guagua (buses)

Getting on a bus to move around the city is a very recommending option. The service has 42 lines that connect all the neighbourhoods and depart from the stations located on Parque San telmo and Plaza de Canarias (next to Parque Santa Catalina), though bus stops are spread all around the city along the different routes. The single ticket is 1,30€ and can be bought directly at the bus. It is cheaper to buy a 10-travel card at the bus stations and many cigar-stores.

Lines 1, 12, 13 and 17 are very useful to move between the main tourist spots of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria since they link the historical areas of Vegueta and Triana with the harbour and Las Canteras beach very fast.

More information:

Tourist Bus

One of the coolest ways to visit the city, with a 360º view from 4 metres high. The Tourist Bus has 11 stops and a multilingual sound system offering 8 different languages (Spanish, English, French, German, Italina, Swedish, Japanese, and Norwegian). You can take the whole tour and also hop off - hop on at the different stops to visit museums, parks, interesting buildings and shops. The ticket is valid for 24h and the service includes a guided visit on foot through the Old Town of Vegueta, free entrance to some museums, and attractive discounts on associated shops and restaurants. Besides, if you wish to share your pictures and videos during the tour, remembber that the Tourist Bus also offers free WiFi!

Tour times:

First tour:

- Departure from San Telmo 9.40am (every 20 minutes)
- Departure from Parque Santa Catalina 10am (every 20 minutes)

Last tour:

- Departure from Parque Santa Catalina 6pm

Telephone. + 34 902101081

More information: CitySightseeing

QR CitySightSeeing

By taxi

It is very easy to find a taxi. If you see a free unit (green light on top) you only have to raise your arm to stop it. You can also walk to any of the 42 taxi ranks located all around the city or ordering a unit by phone.


+34 928460000 - Taragranca

+34 928469000 - EuroTaxi


By bicycle

Sítycleta lets you move around the city fast and easy. It is a municipal service of loan of bicycles that allows you to ride around the city while taking care of the environment and enjoying open air and the landscapes of the city.
More info about prices and rules of use: www.Sí

On foot

Walking around the city of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria is another enjoyable option on any season of the year thanks to its gentle weather and the plain structure of the city, next to the sea.

Seafront Promenade

Among the different options given, one of the most recommending ones is walking along the city’s seafront promenade. It is a long pedestrian area which starts at Santa Catalina Quay, passes along Alcaravaneras Beach and the Marina, gets close to the historical site of Vegueta and leads to the typical fishing district of San Cristóbal and a bit beyond to La Laja Beach, the southern limit of the city. It’s a 7km walk to enjoy the landscape of the sea and the historical buildings located right at the first line of the seafront, such as Hotel Metropole, today Town Hall offices, the modern building of the Police Headquarters in the Canary Islands, the Island Sports Centre, Parque San Telmo and the colourful horizon of the neighbourhoods located at the hills of the city. Any day is good to watch the ships anchored at the bay or to be spectators of the Latin sailing regattas, held whenever trade winds are favourable.

Las Canteras Beach

Walking on the sand of Las Canteras Beach is a must. If you chose the Auditorium Alfredo Kraus as a start point, the “Cicer” area is the first one we find. It is a sports area. The promenade takes us to the area of Punta Brava, next to the well known white and blue coloured house of Manolo Padorno, Canary Islands Prize of Literature. After this, we get to a more familiar area, the “Peña La Vieja” and the “Playa Chica” (Small Beach). Between them, we find the “Lisos”, a well known rocky complex which keeps a rich wildlife. Right in front of it, we find the “Playa Grande” (Long Beach), where the waters are very calm and the sand is even more golden. At the end of the beach we get to the very familiar area of “La Puntilla”, full of bars and restaurants which offer fresh fish and Canary cuisine. The walk doesn't finish here, but keeps along the pedestrian area of Los Nidillos connecting Las Canteras with El Confital Beach that holds a very important nature and sightseeing value, close to the Natural Area of La Isleta.


Another option to walk in a relaxed way is strolling into the historical heart of the city, Vegueta-Triana, along its streets and pedestrian squares, getting to know its most emblematic corners: starting our walk at Parque San Telmo and along Triana Main Street, we access into the neighbourhood of Vegueta, foundational site of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, and place where the conquest of the island began in 1478. We can go shopping and have a closer look to its very complex historical heritage while taking our time to relax having a drink and a snack at any of its many bars and terraces.