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Noon Carnival 2020
Saturday 22 February 2020, 12:00 - 21:00

An appointment where it all began. The first private costume parties and masquerade balls were common in the manors of Vegueta 96 years after the founding of the city. The first direct reference to Carnival is located in the S. XVI, in 1574, with the masquerade and costumes held in the house of Canon Pedro Leon, on the occasion of the marriage of Matthias Cairasco. The streets Mendizabal, Pelota and Obispo Codina host as many mascaritas as they want to come to enjoy a party nearby. The bars and restaurants in the area during those hours offer boiled eggs, carnival cakes, "pellas" of gofio, and, of course, honey rum.

2020 Schedule

Noon Carnival will be on:

  • 15th February, at 12:00, in Vegueta
  • 16th February, at 15:00, in Parque Santa Catalina
  • 22nd February, at 12:00, in Triana
  • 23rd February, at 13:30, in Parque Santa Catalina
  • 25th February, at 12:00, in Parque Santa Catalina
Location Vegueta Old Town & Santa Catalina