La Laja


It is the southern gateway to the city. A 9-metre high sculpture representing god Triton welcomes the visitor to the beach and the city from its privileged viewpoint from where to stare at the whole sea side of the island’s capital to the volcanic formation of La Isleta.

La Laja beach is 1200 metres long and 40 metres wide. It has a moderate waves and thin black sand from the nearby sea bed. It is a place to enjoy the environment open to the sea, at the feet of a singular cliff and surrounded by rocky formations. Since its east orientation, beautiful dawns can be seen from here.

It is an ideal beach to stroll although every kind of sports are practised in it, including fishing, surfing and the famous lateen sailing competitions held every weekend from April to October.

It is an ideal beach for a walk.

Pools of La Laja

La Laja Beach offers a unique space of natural pools that have become one of the most attractive spots of the city. It is composed by three different facilities: a half-moon shaped pool for children, another one of 50 metres of length adapted for sports, and a third one focused on family use.

This environment has joined the city with the sea and also offers other leisure resources like a viewpoint to enjoy birdwacht, shadowed areas and also spaces to sunbathe. The pedestrian access is made through an accessible path from the Seaside Avenue.


From July 1st to September 30th

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