Las Canteras Beach is one of the most important city beaches in Spain, awarded with several national and international quality certificates, among them, the Q for Tourist Quality awarded by the ICTE (Spain's Institute for Tourist Quality).

Las Canteras Beach extends from La Puntilla to the Alfredo Kraus Concert Hall, a three-kilometre walk where different areas, each with its own characteristics, can be enjoyed: La Cícer (a surfers' paradise), Peña La Vieja (with a rocky area full of sea life), Playa Chica and Muro Marrero (the most familiar area), Playa Grande (the birthplace of tourism in the Canaries), and La Puntilla (local fishermen's las spot).

La Barra, a natual reef that goes parallel to half the beach and at only 200m from the shore, is a natural breakwater and also serves as natural shelter for swimmers and other beach users.

Walking along the fine golden sand of Las Canteras when the tide is low, and during sunset is an unforgettable experience that cannos be missed. 


Cruz Roja WEB Policía WEB baños-publicos-adaptados PMR WEB Información WEB zona deportiva

Watch, rescue and first aid

Tourist Local Police

adapted public toilets

Assisted Swim Service for RMP

Sheltered Area for RMP

Tourist Information Point

Sports Area Cícer)



Quality Seals:

Q Calidad WEB CompromisoCalidad WEB blue flag WEB Accesibilidad WEB Ambiental WEB Ambiental II

Q for Tourist Quality by the ICTE
EU Blue Flag
UNE 17001 Certificate of Universal Accessibility 
ISO 14001 Norm of Environmental Management System


Telephone: +34 928446528 / +34 928446529