A Boat of Vela Latina Canaria (Canary Lateen Sailing) is a replica of those formerly used for working inside the harbour and for fishing. There is documented evidence of the first organised race dating back to the 24th of July 1904, celebrating the Patron Festivities of the borough of San Cristóbal.

The use of the boats for work at the beggining was never a liability to use them for fun and competition too.

The importance of this traditiontal sport is also helped by its duration (nearly 75 minutes) and with the presence of supporters along the Seafront Promenade following the whole event. These fans were the ones who made this sport big, using their money and time to guaratnee a long calendar from April to October in coincidence with the ever faithful trade winds.

The evolution of the sport in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria was conditioned by the existence of a log lasting Lateen Sailing tradition, by the presence oa a large evergrowing port and last but not least by the existence of big enterprises in the port that started to relate with the sailing traditions.

Source: www.federacionvelalatinadebotes.org