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Among the different options given, one of the most recommending ones is walking along the seafront promenade of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria. It is a long pedestrian area which starts at Santa Catalina Quay, passes along Alcaravaneras Beach and the Marina, gets close to the historical site of Vegueta and leads to the typical fishing district of San Cristóbal and a bit beyond to La Laja Beach, the southern limit of the city. It’s a 7km walk to enjoy the landscape of the sea and the historical buildings located right at the first line of the seafront, such as Hotel Metropole, today Town Hall offices, the modern building of the Police Headquarters in the Canary Islands, the Island Sports Centre, Parque San Telmo and the colourful horizon of the neighbourhoods located at the hills of the city. Any day is good to watch the ships anchored at the bay or to be spectators of the Latin sailing regattas, held whenever trade winds are favourable.

Address: Avenida Maritima
35015 Las Palmas de Gran Canaria