Auroraxplorer is an on-destination tourist service provider agency that works with the Chinese market. This agency recently attended the Matka Nordic Travel Fair 2016, and showed their interest on Gran Canaria and its Capital City after the attractivenes among Chinese readers who enjoy the novels by Taiwanese writer Chen Ping(1943-1991), best known by her pseudonym Sanmao.

Sanmao wrote in 1976 an autobiographical novel titled Stories from the Sahara. During those years, she lived in Playa del Hombre (Telde), with her partner, scubadiver José María Quero, of Jaén, who passed away in 1979 in La Palma. Today, both the Municipality of Telde and the one of Balovento (La Palma) recall the figure of the writer with memorials and a monument.Sanmao is an admired personality in her homeland; she took her artist name after a cartoon character, and even translated the famous stories of Mafalda into Chinese before adventuring to know other countries. Her Stories from Western Sahara is a work of peculiar reference in the contemporary eastern literature. Her depiction of Gran Canaria as "heaven" is also well known.

Her stay in the islands has been the subject of study and also a reason for pilgrimage among Chinese travellers, more and more interested in getting to know the places where their compatriot writer lived and wrote. Las Palmas de Gran Canaria has shown its openness to to welcome these visitors as a host city for Asian travellers who visit Gran Canaria and the Capital City.

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