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Travelling without staying online. Working whilst travelling around the world. Keeping online to create contents, manage data or inform about the places visited. These are some of the characteristics that define the so called digital nomads: tavellers who cannot afford to get offline, and who give a special value to those cities that guaranteee their condition. Among them, in a relevant position, highlights Las Palmas de Gran Canaria. To be more accurate, the Grancanarian capital city is the world's second city in importance (only lead by Bangkok), accordingly to the ranking established by the website The web generates this classification as for the WiFi connection (measured in megabytes per second), but also considering other factors like climate, air quality, fun and leisure offer and safety, as well as the trip and accommodation costs. Thailand city Bangkok leads the rank, followed by Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, Chiang Mai and Phuket (other two Thai cities), Taghazout (Morocco), Ko Samui (Thailand), Taioei (Taiwan), Hermosillo (Mexico), Hong Kong, and Tijuana (Mexico). This is the Top10 according to the website as for December 14, 2015.

A digital nomad is a person who takes advantage of technology for living and working from anywhere in the world. Hipertextual

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