The new project of Casa Fataga keeps the Canary architecture in the main structure of the building, with elements of exterior decoration following the same pattern, and with a garden showing Canary species like cardones (Euphorbia canariensis), Capas de la Reina (Farfugium japonicum) and Cerimans “Adam’s Rib” (Monstera deliciosa).

The outside furniture keeps the lines of the Canary rustic design, using materials like rattan and Wood for tables and armchairs, stools and barrels. On the inside of the building, the walls are covered with old photographs and images of the Parque Santa Catalina, focusing on creating a small interpretation centre as tribute to this emblematic space of the city.

Address: Parque Santa Catalina
35007 Las Palmas de Gran Canaria
Phone: +34 828600022

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