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Traditional Canary Dance and Music
Sunday 19 February 2017, 11:30am

Tourists and locals will be able to enjoy every weekend of the year the tradicional Canary Folk dance and music in three different spots in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria.

During the first three months of the year, the performances at Santa Catalina Park will take place in Luis Morote Street (next to the Lolita Pluma sculpture inside the park) to ease the construction of the Carnival stage and the celebration of such festivities.

Traditional Canary music performances take place:

  • every Saturday, after 11:00am in the area of Parque Santa Catalina,
  • every Sunday, after 11:30am, in Parque Doramas, and
  • every Sunday, after 12:00noon at Plaza del Pilar Nuevo (Vegueta).
Location Parque Doramas & Plaza del Pilar Nuevo