The play of Don Juan Tenorio, the classical work by José Zorilla, has become a must see event for the citizen and visitor of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria during Autumn in the recent years.  

Right during Hallows' Eve (which we celebrate here as Noche de Los Finados (Night of the Dead) the main square of Santa Ana, between the Cathedral and the Town Hall, as well as the whole borough of Vegueta, a series of plays are programmed reflecting the original classic spirit of Zorrilla, bringing some new revisions of the Don Juan Tenorio play. The sight is unique, and the tourist can get to know the Old Town living a very special night and enjoying some of the local specialities for this night such as the roasted chesnuts and corn-cobs.

Celebration date: 31st October (All Hallows' Eve)

Location: Old Town of Vegueta