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The origin of these gardens, like the Parque Doramas as a whole, is in the wide and evocative landscaped areas that were drawn around the first Hotel Santa Catalina, in the late years of the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries.

The gardens, perfectly suited to the British style of the late nineteenth century for these open spaces and a certain exoticism for walking and recreation, are linked to the presence of the English colony on the island.

In these gardens, amidst paths and garden bowers, with valuable specimens of dragon trees and Canary Island palm trees lies the sculpture "Atis Tirma", work of Gran Canarian sculptor born in Cuba, Manuel Bethencourt. The sculpture commemorates the legend of the ancient Canaries men Bentejuí and Faycan, who preferred to die cast down rather than surrender to the troops sent by the Catholic Monarchs in 1483.

Address: León y Castillo 227
35005 Las Palmas de Gran Canaria