Urban Routes

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“…The voyager alights upon a blue stone bell tower and s/he knows that they have arrived where everything started: Vegueta…”

1.    Cathedral of Santa Ana
2.    The religious Art Museum
3.    Plaza Santa Ana
4.    The Bishopry
5.    The Casas Consistoriales (Old Town Hall)
6.    Plaza del Espíritu Santo
7.    The Canary Museum
8.    Church and Plaza of Santo Domingo
9.    The Church of San Agustín - The Courts Professional - College of Lawyers
10.   Real Sociedad Económica de Amigos del País de Gran Canaria
11.   CAAM
12.   Plaza del Pilar Nuevo
13.   The Columbus House – Museum
14.   Church and Plaza of San Antonio Abad
15.   Market of Vegueta
16.   Mendizábal Street


Address: Vegueta 35001

Las Palmas de Gran Canaria

Path lenght: 2,8 km

Approximate time: 45 minutes