Urban Routes

"…Triana is a neighbourhood and a street but it also a way of life. The name is a reminder of the well-known Sevillian neighbourhood, a homely touch attached to the area populated by Andalusian traders, together with the British and Danes who monopolised what was then the main trading area in the city…”

1.    The Pérez Galdós Theatre
2.    Monopol Shopping Centre
3.    Plaza Hurtado de Mendoza
4.    Plaza Cairasco
5.    Hotel Madrid
6.    Gabinete Literario (Literary Circle)
7.    Church of San Francisco and Alameda de Colón
8.    CICCA
9.    Calle Mayor de Triana
10.  The Pérez Galdós Museum House
11.  The Palacete Rodríguez Quegles
12.  The Parque de San Telmo and the Shrine of San Telmo
13.  The Cabildo ( Island Council) of Gran Canaria
14.  The Castle of Mata


Address: Triana 35002

Las Palmas de Gran Canaria

Path Lenght: 3,5 km

Approximate Time: 55 minutes