Las Palmas de Gran Canaria is proud to count in its municipality a landscape of vineyards around Tafira, next to the Botanical Gardens and the Caldera of Bandama, where grapevine is growth and wine are produced. Century-old and new grapevines give red, white and semisweet wines which resemble scents of fruit and volcanic notes which offer a range of fresh flavours and aromas that are unique to the palate; colour nuances that surround the visitor and sensations that evoke a spectacular landscape: the green from vines, the black from volcanic soil, and the blues from the sky and sea.
Plaza Perdida: 271, Road to Los Hoyos. Phone: +34 928355871
Dominguito: 35, Montequemado Rd. Phone: +34 928711228
Los Lirios: 24, Cuesta de los Lirios Rd. Phone: + 34928356720 www.bodegaloslirios.com
Mondalón: 6, Cuesta del Mondalón Rd. Phone: +34 928356066
Viña Angoa: 67, Camino Los Pérez Rd. Phone: +34 928352871
Monte Bandama: 1, Tablero de Piletas Rd. Phone: +34 620290342 www.fincamiradorbandama.com

Address Bandama
35017 Las Palmas de Gran Canaria