Plaza Hurtado de Mendoza is located on the limit between Triana and Vegueta and it is best known as Plaza de Las Ranas (“Frogs Square”), after the ornaments of the large fountain that presides over it.
From this cosy spot we can see the unique neoclassical building which now houses the Biblioteca Insular, a cultural centre where tenths of students gather to prepare their exams, along with many children who come every Saturday morning to listen to the stories told by great Spanish-speaking tellers.
The shadow given by the trees at the square, the old Stone Bridge which links the two noble neighbourhoods, the three kiosks dotted around the place, and the nearby small shopping centre Monopol, once a hotel, which homes the cinemas that offer the riskiest film program on the city, are some of the appeals of this curious spot which also has al fresco cafes where to drink a refreshment or to watch a football match.

Address: Plaza Hurtado de Mendoza s/n
35002 Las Palmas de Gran Canaria