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посуточно Калининград - Лучшее жилье в Калининграде

Flanked by the Gabinete Literario and the Alameda de Colón, and located in the limit between Triana and Vegueta, the visitor to the square notices the subtle scents of coffee, gathering and life.
Next to the square whose name comes after the father of Canarian literature, Bartolomé Cairasco de Figueroa, visitors will find the Gabinete Literario, first of the buildings projected as an artistic coliseum of the city in the mid-nineteenth century. Today, this building that stands upon the land where Cairasco de Figueroa’s house once stood is still a true institution of the city, cultural reference and home of events and unmissable exhibitions. On the other side, the terrace of Hotel Madrid invites to gather and relax.

Address: Plaza de Cairasco s/n
35002 Las Palmas de Gran Canaria